Why us

What really makes Breakthrough Business Solutions  unique is that besides generating leads we also provide sophisticated B2B marketing consulting and sales outsourcing. As a result ,you get an efficient sales funnel,  backed by a complete integrated marketing program, to communicate your key selling points and close more deals.


Our lead generation and appointment setting solution is specifically geared for you if the ticket size of your product is higher and the product is complex and your sales people have to call on and meet higher level managers in target companies. Such leads and appointments cannot be set by typical telemarketers who are appointed by usual telemarketing companies – the ones who call for credit cards, loans and insurance. These telemarketing companies generally have fresh teenagers or people just out of school / college with no or very little work experience and have not held any job or responsibility earlier.


As opposed to the above scenario, we have a team of highly experienced people, who have worked in responsible sales or customer facing positions earlier, for 5 to 10 years or even more. They have the necessary experience and confidence to engage in a meaningful conversation with the people at higher management levels. But these people with the necessary knowledge, experience and skills will not work in typical call centres and telemarketing companies, where they have to be away from home, going to an office and spend a lot of time traveling to & fro from call centre everyday — a huge drain and waste of time and energy.


So to address this situation we have created a system, process and infrastructure – a virtual workplace –so that these people can work from home and companies like yours can benefit from their expertise.

  • These people work from home , which helps them increase their productivity
  •  Using the power of technology – computer, internet, and teleconferencing — we have developed a robust reporting and monitoring system to ensure daily reporting of leads to all concerned and weekly / fortnightly reporting on leads evaluation and steps to be taken to make the necessary changes based on feedback.
  •  Use pre decided templates for script , emails and other communication
  •  All fixed appointments on phone are reconfirmed by sending an email to the concerned person

We can be a good fit, if you appreciate, acknowledge and agree that:

  • The output i.e. the number of leads and the quality of leads is what really matters ; not on the input i.e. how many hours were spent on making the calls , how many calls were made … Output rather than input
  •  Calling and setting up appointments for direct sales team is an extremely important step in your sales process
  • You are an innovator and excited by the possibilities of new ideas and new way of doing things
  •  As a side benefit –you are helping the environmentless petrol used, less time wasted, more productive and happier people.

When you engage Breakthrough Business Solutions , you get the following advantages :

  • Experienced in various  product categories: Whatever you sell, chances are we’ve helped someone sell it before – and sell it better.
  • Experienced sales agents who represent your company professionaly: Say goodbye to “robotic” and “staged-sounding” telemarketing calls. We give you talented sales pros who will serve as a welcome addition to your organization.
  • Proprietary appointment setting process: We specialize in complex B2B sales lead generation and appointment setting. When you hire us, you get access to our accumulated knowledge, sophisticated tools and processes to match the complex realities of these high-value sales.
  • Customized lead generation program design: There is no one-size-fits-all, “cookie cutter” approach to B2B lead generation and sales. When you hire us, you’ll get expertly designed lead generation and appointment setting programs dedicated to meeting your company’s unique objectives.
  • Scripting & Advanced Contact Management: We help ensure consistency for every sales call by equipping our sales agents with focused, tightly written sales scripts and advanced tools for managing sales leads – taking notes, following up, and making sure that every sales relationship gets the proper attention to detail.


Have queries. Need more information. Ready to start . Contact us by filling the form below or email us at info@breakthroughsolutions.co.in

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