Email Programs

Our proprietary email list building service is a customized solution for both your existing customers and new business prospects. Our email programs build customer bases, establishes and enhances your relationship  with your target audience. This solution allows you to utilize one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools at your disposal…email marketing.


Email List building: How our process works:


 1)  Breakthrough Business Solutions(BBS) builds your proprietary opt in email list by first developing a targeted email list based on your requirements and criteria

2)  Then our marketing team develops outbound email collateral reflecting your marketing goals. These documents include email newsletters, high value marketing collateral and targeted white papers.

3)  BBS then contacts your key decision maker  and seeks permission to add their email address to your opt-in list.

4)  BBS then provides real-time reporting, tracking, and list management tools to ensure maximum efficiency, deliverability, and actionable statistics.


Email programs help you keep in regular touch with the customers, build trust, confidence and credibility.It helps you become the first choice in the customer’s mind when he decides to purchase .


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