Case Studies

A leading Office automation company, with nationwide direct sales force, was facing declining sales due to the limited amount of new clients coming in .  BBS analysed their target market , built up the nationwide database of the target companies , and using a combination of teleprospecting , direct mailing and emailing ,  identified the decision making criterion  and the decision makers to  create a large number of new opportunities. As a result,the sales force had a daily count of new qualified sales opportunities, leading to quarter on quarter sales increase of  23%.

A leading behavioral and sales training company wanted to expand its base of clients , since most of its business was coming only from its current clients and lack of new clients was putting lot of pressure on its resources and profitability. BBS not only generated a large number of new interested prospects , it also helped them in converting a high percentage of these prospects into paying customers. BBS used a combination of teleprospecting , appointment setting and content generation to generate , nurture and convert these leads

A leader in satellite based education delivery company was launching a whole new series of education program and wanted to recruit  new partners for delivery within North India . Identifying partners , setting up meetings and appointments in various cities of North India and finalizing partnership agreements – the whole process was done on a turnkey basis.

A leading company wanted to understand the customer satisfaction level from  its existing customers. Using the database of its customers an extensive customer feedback survey was carried out to understand the satisfaction level, pin point pain areas and areas of improvement. The exercise resulted in taking a number of significant steps, to make the necessary changes in the service process, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels

An adventure sport and camping company wanted to expand its institutional sales and increase the  number of qualified  prospects which its sales team could meet . Using a combination of telemarketing, emailing — a number of such opportunities and institutions were identified .With  daily availability of qualified leads and appointments for the sales team  , their productivity shot up dramatically , as earlier they were prospecting also and going for sales meetings also. A large number of new institutions brought in new business, which continued to bring in repeat business as well as opportunities for cross sell – all leading to increased sales and profits

A leading 3D software  company wanted to drive a large number of  target customers to its weekly webinar schedule. Identifying the target customers , designing the emailer , communicating the webinar schedule and driving the target customers to the sign up page helped the company get a number of interested customers to attend the webinar, get educated on the 3D software and then turn them into prospective customers

A leading video conferencing company wanted to target large corporate with dispersed offices and  education &  skill training companies with franchisee and training centres around the country . The video conferencing company needed to meet the IT heads and decision makers in these companies , so that they could demonstrate and educate about its technology and its advantages . A number of such companies were identified and appointments set leading to many new customers

A company with innovative maths teaching solution for primary school students wanted to increase its customer base. The teaching methodology needed major changes in the overall maths teaching pattern in the schools. So it needed the concurrence of the maths teachers , primary headmistress , school principal and school board/ trustee where required. Therefore an elaborate process of identifying all the stakeholders , communicating with them through phone, email and direct mail and setting up meetings as well as workshops was done.As a result the  company was able to meet a number of good potential customers, out of which a number of them turned into customers

A leading multinational company was entering with its range of consumer electronics and home appliances. It needed to map the retailers in its target cities , understand their requirements , explain the impending launch and the product offerings, build the database , so that constant communication could be sent to them . This exercise helped the company have a large database of potential retailers, partners which was a very big contributor to good launch success of the company when they entered with the products an year later in the country

A leading company wanted to introduce a product in a market where there are only 3 to 4 main customers who account for almost 100% of purchase.. There are only a couple of vendors who cater to this market. This company needed to enter this market and convince one of the customers to add its product/ model for purchase instead of the current model that they were using. This required investigating the market, identifying the decision makers  in the purchasing companies , building a contact program with them by educating them about the company , its products over a period of time , setting up demonstrations and ultimately converting one of the customers into a buyer , which lead to substantial sales over the next few years.

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